Threat Hunting Using 16th-Century Math and Sesame Street

With attacks always changing, threat hunting in a massive environment can be an overwhelming endeavor! This session will show how to hunt for threats in a way that transcends attack specifics, using the numbers to your advantage to uncover unique and unusual machine behaviors. This practical method that can be leveraged in almost any environment, and can be applied to network and endpoint data.Learning Objectives:1: Understand the challenge of threat hunting in a massive environment.2: Learn about the need for a hunting method that transcends attack specifics.3: Learn how to use the numbers to your advantage to hunt for threats.Pre-Requisites:Attendees should have a basic understanding of networking and security threats. Database experience would be beneficial, but not required. The session will be most relevant and beneficial to those in a threat hunting or incident response role.



Vernon Habersetzer Sr. Enterprise Technical Expert, Walmart

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