The Economics of the Internet of Things is Different

Bruce Schneier, CTO IBM Resilient & Special Advisor to IBM Security, presents part two of his RSAC 2017 talk on regulating the Internet of Things. In this discussion, Schneier explains why all information security experts need to get involved in policy decisions. We know that governments are going to get involved in regulating the internet of things regardless. The risks are simply too high. This brings security professionals to the choice of smarter involvement otherwise policy will be imposed on us. Important policy debates are happening right now, from driverless cars to voting machines.

He discusses the balancing of the cost of failure and the cost to fix. There are two paradigms that he argues should collide:

1- Getting it right the first time.
2- Make sure your security is agile.

Part 1:



Bruce Schneier Fellow and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

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