Sneak Peek: Hacking Exposed - Melting Down Memory | RSAC 2018

Dmitri Alperovitch, George Kurtz and Elia Zaitsev from CrowdStrike walk through advanced modern-day intrusions, including attacks on Linux, IoT and machine-learning evasions. This raw Hacking Exposed style session demonstrates these attacks and provides relevant countermeasures for detection and response.

Dmitri Alperovitch, Co-Founder and CTO, CrowdStrike:
George Kurtz, CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdStrike:
Elia Zaitsev, Director, Sales Engineers, CrowdStrike:

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Dmitri Alperovitch Co-Founder and CTO, CrowdStrike


Elia Zaitsev Director, Sales Engineers, CrowdStrike


George Kurtz CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdStrike

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