Securely Deploying Micro Services, Containers and Serverless PaaS Web Apps

From blockchain to distributed ledger to self-sovereign identity, this panel will shed light on technology and governance concepts around blockchain-based identity. This panel will explore the business, legal and technical issues that sit in the messy space between blockchain technology’s promise and its current reality to gain a better understanding of blockchain’s ability to solve real-world needs.Learning Objectives:1: Understand what blockchain-based identity means in practice.2: Explore applied research to break through preconceptions.3: Separate blockchain-based identity promise from reality to reduce uncertainty toward adoption.Pre-Requisites:Identity management basic concepts must be understood. Blockchain and distributed ledger concepts must be understood. Governance, risk and compliance practices for information assurance should be understood.



Murray Goldschmidt Chief Operating Officer, Sense of Security Pty Ltd

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