Motivating People to Follow Your Security Awareness Program | Tracy Celaya & Ira Winkler | RSAC 2018

In this session from at RSAC 2018, Dr. Tracy Celaya and Ira Winkler use behavioral science, a user-centered perspective and storytelling to explain why end users often don't take ignore security awareness programs seriously, and the Tangible steps are provided about how organizations can effectively take to build security behaviors into organizational policies and procedures. You need to provide more than just information. Have you instituted consequences for disabling critical processes? Have you communicated these consequences?

Ira Winkler has worked for the NSA and is currently President at Secure Mentem, and Tracy Celaya is the President and Principal Consultant at Go Consulting International.

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Ira Winkler President, Secure Mentem


Tracy Celaya Consultant, Systems Evolution, Inc.

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