Make Security More Accessible by Choosing Your Words Wisely | RSAC 2018

The language we use to communicate with executives and employees will directly impact the response you’re going to get. This is a critical concept to understand and implement, especially given today’s media landscape of constant, fear mongering ‘breaking news’ headlines.

But fear not! Diana Kelley and Dr. Kelley Misata use real life examples to show how some cybersecurity language can be misinterpreted by employees and the general public. They also explain how our words can either educate and spur action, or, adversely, create hysteria and paralysis. This video is a must-see for security professionals who want to communicate more effectively so that their security programs can have real impact. For example, among industry peers, we all know what "patches" are. But for many people in your organization, a patch refers to something you sew onto a denim jacket.

Kelley and Misata believe you can change your language without dumbing-down the conversation. There are some changes required on your part, however.

Diana Kelley is Cybersecurity Field CTO at Microsoft:
Dr. Kelley Misata is Founder and CEO at Sightline Security:

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Diana Kelley Cybersecurity Field Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft


Dr. Kelley Misata Founder and CEO, Sightline Security

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