Honorable Michael McCaul - The Fight of Our Digital Lives

In his RSAC keynote address, the Honorable Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, espouses that we are at war in cyber space and that we are falling behind. Calling it the "fight of our digital lives that we aren't winning," McCaul dives deep into the last ten years of cybersecurity and explains how our critical infrastructures must be bolstered to protect against foreign cyber threats. 

McCaul likens the security problems in the U.S. to colonial America, stating, "The digital frontier is like the wild west; more cyber outlaws than sheriffs to round them up."

To combat the fresh array of cyber criminals infiltrating our nation's infrastructure, McCaul proposed a scholarship for service program to recruit students into the field by awarding funds for college in exchange for work in cyber security and defense at the federal, state and local levels.

McCaul underscores the urgency for a new cyber security policy to prepare for quantum computing. He warns, "The digital atomic bomb is on the not-too-distant horizon. The first hostile country to gain such capability will pose a serious threat to the rest of the world."



The Honorable Michael McCaul Chairman, House Homeland Security Committee

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