Cybersecurity for Good: Ways to Get Involved | Highlights from RSAC 2018

A common theme across RSA Conference 2018 was the call-to-action for cross-functional collaboration and the need for everyone to work together in order to help build a safer world.

Whether recruiting more students to get involved with cybersecurity internship programs, sharing expertise, or collaborating with policymakers to create better working cybersecurity policies, speakers at RSAC 2018 vocalized the need for technologists and security professionals, industry to volunteer and get involved. Global cooperation is the crucial next step in creating a more secure world for everyone.

Looking for more, here's all of the 2018 video content.



Brad Smith President, Microsoft


Bruce Schneier Fellow and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School


Ed Skoudis Instructor, SANS Institute


Kim Zetter Cybersecurity Journalist and Author

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