Bug Bounty Programs Aren't Enough for Today’s Cyber Threats | Katie Moussouris | RSAC 2018

As companies continue to spend billions of dollars each year on the latest cybersecurity tactics and infrastructures, why is it that we are still dealing with and hearing about crippling security breaches in the news?

Katie Moussouris, Founder and CEO of Luta Security, explains why bug bounty and penetration testing programs are not enough to ensure security in today’s environments. She explains the limitations of those tactics and discusses four ways that companies can take action today -- to reduce vulnerabilities and improve cybersecurity systems:
- Audit your own systems and software.
- Build a sustainable vulnerability handling process.
- Bring balance back to the labor workforce.
- Beware of perverse incentives.

Katie Moussouris, is a noted authority on vulnerability disclosure and bug bounties:

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Katie Moussouris Founder and CEO, Luta Security, Inc.

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