A Separate Network for Critical Infrastructure: Is It a Good Idea?

In August of 2018, the National Infrastructure Advisory Council recommended exploring the creation of separate networks for critical infrastructure to move essential operations off the Internet. Is it practical? Would the cost exceed the value? Drawing on a yearlong study, three industry professionals from industry, government and academia will discuss the merits of the concept.Learning Objectives:1: Understand the feasibility of creating a separate network for critical infrastructure2: Identify the tradeoffs between pursuing segmentation and investing in other defenses.3: Explore government’s role in protecting critical infrastructure.Pre-Requisites:Basic familiarity with critical infrastructure, governments role in protecting it and an understanding of network security.



Peter Fuhr Distinguished Scientist, Director, Grid Security, Tech Director UAS Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Robert Knake Senior Research Scientist, Northeastern University


Samara Moore Director, Cybersecurity, Exelon


Sharla Artz Vice President, Government Affairs, Policy & Cybersecurity, UTC

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