Justify Your Attendance

Your Path to RSAC 2024: A Guide to Securing Approval

RSA Conference is where the cybersecurity world comes together to gain invaluable insights, engage in deep conversations, and discover transformative solutions that can make an impact on your organization.

Our mission in an industry marked by rapid change is to help you stay one step ahead. We've crafted this guide to ensure you can take advantage of all the knowledge and insights RSAC 2024 has to offer. Its purpose? To provide you with the tools necessary to demonstrate that attending is beneficial and imperative for your organization's security and success.

The Advantages of Attendance

Elevate your expertise: Immerse yourself in hundreds of dynamic sessions spanning a vast spectrum of topics. Discover the latest trends, emerging threats, and actionable solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily role. Plus, we partner with industry associations so that you’re eligible to receive CE credits.

Expand your professional network: Rarely does an opportunity arise to gather some of the brightest minds in cybersecurity in one place. At RSAC 2024, you'll have ample chances to engage with peers and exchange ideas with professionals who've navigated through challenges you might not have even realized existed. We offer diverse formats, from formal group discussions to casual conversations and hands-on learning.

Embrace cutting-edge innovation: The Expo unveils the latest in cybersecurity technology from over 600 of the world's leading vendors. In addition, dive into groundbreaking innovation at RSAC Early Stage Expo. This exhibit space houses both emerging and early-stage cybersecurity talents as they showcase their latest products and services.

To help explain the value of RSA Conference to your management team, we’ve provided a business justification letter template. It’s an overview of the key Conference benefits and other essential details that will demonstrate how important attending is for you and your organization. Simply copy and paste this letter into an email to start the conversation.

Note: Anything in pink is intended to be customized by you to reflect your specific request.

Subject line: Request to attend RSA Conference 2024

Dear [Decision Maker Name],

I am requesting approval to attend RSA Conference 2024. The Conference takes place May 6 – 9, 2024 in San Francisco. Over the course of four days, I will be immersed in cutting-edge educational sessions led by experienced industry experts covering critical cybersecurity issues and emerging threats. Attending will not only help further my technical skills but will build my knowledge of new security innovations and best practices that can be used to help secure our organization. 

Obtaining a Full Conference Pass will allow me to:

  • Immerse myself in a rich educational experience tailored to the specific needs of our organization. This year's program is diverse, covering topics such as Analytics, Intelligence & Response, Hackers & Threats, Risk Management & Governance, and Identity, among others.
  • Gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends from distinguished thought leaders and guest speakers. Additionally, I'll have the opportunity to tap into the firsthand experiences of seasoned practitioners.
  • Expand our company's network and visibility through a series of engaging networking events where I can connect with experts, vendors, and industry peers.
  • Explore cutting-edge product demos and arrange one-on-one meetings with technology vendors, opening doors to potential solutions that could significantly benefit our organization.


The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows (complete the information as appropriate):

Travel costs: $XXX
Accommodations: $XXX
Meals (X days at $XXX): $XXX

[Insert your pass type] (for days): $XXX*

*Cost varies depending on the registration pricing period.

Advantages for our organization

Attending RSAC 2024 is a strategic investment in our organization's cybersecurity resilience. In light of the staggering statistics revealed in the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, the global average cost of a data breach surged to $4.45 million in 2023—marking a 15% increase from 2020—proactive measures are imperative. The cost of a Full Conference Pass pales in comparison to the potential consequences of a cybersecurity incident.

When RSAC 2024 concludes, I will compile a short presentation covering key insights, useful vendor product information, networking discussions, and a proposal for implementing new ideas that will benefit our team.

To purchase my pass at the price listed above, I need to register by [date].

Thank you for your consideration.

[Add standard sign off]

Secure Your Spot at RSAC 2024

Be part of what’s next in cybersecurity. Come together with key innovators and experts from the industry to learn best practices and expand your network.