Stamus Networks believes security professionals should spend less time pouring though noisy alerts and more time investigating true IOCs. In addition to the open source SELKS platform, Stamus Networks offers Scirius enterprise solutions that marry network traffic data with enhanced Suricata IDS and an advanced analytics engine to create an entirely new class of enriched threat hunting solutions.

New Product

Scirius Threat Radar

Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency Scirius Threat Radar reduces risk by using insightful threat analysis algorithms developed by our cyber security experts combined with our unified threat detection results to present high probability threats for immediate investigation. Scirius Threat Radar features include: Scirius Enriched Hunting features, PLUS - Highest probability indicators mapped into the cyber kill chain - Unified threat detection results drive insightful threat detection algorithms from Stamus Networks - User defined algorithms detect high probability threats specific to your environment - Host fingerprinting details network services, user agents, host name and logged in users - Prioritizes high probability events to direct investigations - Proofpoint’s ETPro Ruleset included