SOFTwarfare provides world class products for security API integration and management that include middle-ware and biometric authentication for MFA both in APIs and on top of industry applications. SOFTwarfare helps customers to defend their assets against Cyber Attack. SOFTwarfare® helps organizations to account for, secure, and evaluate their safeguards for system-to-system communications that often cross the different boundaries they establish for their technical infrastructure. This is not a simple matter, and it takes a world-class product and service to ensure our customer's integration efforts are successful. SOFTwarfare® was founded with the introduction of a simple software tool integrating one of the most common use cases seen in every cyber security department. The platform, KillerAppz® has grown rapidly to deliver high-quality, reliable and secure enterprise application integrations.

New Product


BioThenticate is a leading solution for cyber security departments to protect critical assets against cyber attack. BioThenticate is an enterprise cloud service for biometric authentication using Iris, Voice, fingerprint and facial recognition on iOS and Android devices