Secure IoT® Introducing the industry’s first, true Zero Trust platform that runs and protects all Operational Technologies, old and new. We fire-proof vs. firefight. Come and see why key manufacturers, integrators, and enterprises are choosing our solution to improve security, simplified management, and lower costs. We make Smart buildings and cities safe - and every “thing” operates as it should on existing infrastructure.

New Product

Secure IoT®

Secure IoT® is a single, complete platform that is easy to architect and deploy. Our separate, encrypted networks run on existing infrastructure and eliminate complexity, overhead and costs associated and running, protecting and managing operational technologies.. Enterprises can protect their entire inventory of existing operational technologies today and chart an inexpensive, unobstructed path forward that enables the adoption of any new device or system. Device manufacturers can implement Secure IoT as an add-on or embedded security solution for competitive advantage, improved maintenance and to generate new revenues. With Secure IoT, data analytics and endpoint updates become easier and safer for their customers and channel partners. Our unique technology turns Zero Trust into a reality by creating separate, encrypted networks where operational technologies can run as they do today, but with much greater protection and lower overhead.