GreatHorn safeguards cloud email from advanced threats like impersonations, credential theft, malware, and social engineering attacks by protecting organizations before, during, and after an email attack. Through its proactive threat detection engine, end-user education, and robust remediation capabilities, GreatHorn frees security teams from time-consuming email security management.

New Product

GreatHorn Account Takeover Protection

GreatHorn Account Takeover Protection enables organizations to identify compromised accounts and block account takeover attempts by using biometric authentication to verify a sender’s identity. Based on an individual’s unique typing pattern, Account Takeover Protection provides a low-friction, secondary layer of authentication that’s easy to implement, difficult to bypass, and minimally disruptive for employees. After deploying protection remotely via a mail client plug-in, security teams can configure verification frequency and failure actions – such as warning banners to the recipient, message removal, security alerts, or simply logging the event for later analysis – based on the company’s risk preference. Organizations can combine Account Takeover Protection with GreatHorn Email Security to provide comprehensive protection against advanced threats such as business email compromise, impersonations, credential theft, account takeover, and other phishing attacks.