Digital Surveillance and Cyberespionage at Scale

Closed captioning will be available in English and Japanese for all keynotes and RSAC track sessions.
Please note: All times are in SGT.
  1. Moscone West

Learn how OceanLotus, one of the most advanced and pervasive threat groups that is active today, manages its tracking, exploitation, and command and control operations around the world. There is a good chance you have been tracked by OceanLotus without even knowing it. This talk will show how a digital surveillance campaign can turn into a cyberespionage operation.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn about an advanced threat group from a country you would not typically expect it from.
2: Examine how APT groups are leveraging government and NGO websites to launch targeted attacks.
3: See how legitimate cloud services are being abused by APT attackers to bypass security controls.

General understanding of what APT threats are, how exploits are used, what spear phishing is, etc.

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