Bridging the Divide: Cybersecurity Priorities in 116th Congress

  1. Moscone West

Cybersecurity is a key Congressional issue and with new House leadership plus divided government, what might actually get done is the question. The panel will discuss areas such as nation-state and supply chain threats, federal network protection, critical infrastructure defense and social media weaponization. The panel will consider Congress’s role and if the private sector should take actions on its own.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the key technology issues facing Congress and the potential for legislative action.
2: Get insight into how key Capitol Hill staff see these technology issues and think about them.
3: Explore how technologists and innovators might help Congress understand these issues better.

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  • Moria Bergin


  • Mike Flynn
  • Jamil Jaffer


  • Julie Klein


  • Sarah Moxley