Ataata reduces security risk related to human error. Developed by top leadership from the U.S. military, law enforcement and the intelligence community, Ataata is a security awareness training and cyber risk management platform that helps you combat information security breaches caused by employee mistakes. Human error is involved in 95% of all security breaches. But humans are maddeningly careless and resistant to change. Employees’ casual mistakes lead to disaster all the time — and cost people their jobs. To change security culture effectively, employees have to know what to do, care enough to improve, and then do what’s right when it matters. You need to drive gut-level behavior improvements at scale. That is what Ataata’s cyber security training platform delivers. Ataata combines effective, modern training techniques with predictive analytics to solve for your company's vulnerability to human error. From ransomware and phishing to unattended laptops and CEO fraud, the threats are many and they are real. There are plenty of bad actors ready to take advantage of your employees’ mistakes. And even when mistakes are not being engineered and leveraged by malicious outsiders, poor cyber habits can lead to difficult and costly situations for you and your team. Ataata helps you mitigate cyber risk stemming from the simple mistakes your employees are making every day.