1. Moscone West

US public- and private-sector entities face increasingly sophisticated cyber-intrusions that blur lines between traditional categories of criminal and state-sponsored activity. How do the FBI, DHS, DOJ and IC approach investigations in this environment? What are some of the lessons learned from recent hybrid threat investigations? Why should the private sector care about the blended threat and its implications?

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how “blended threats” can involve criminal hackers looking for personal financial benefit alongside or at the direction of employees of foreign governments intent on espionage, disruption, or other foreign policy goals
2: Understand steps being taken by the FBI, DHS, DOJ, and IC in managing investigations in this environment
3: Learn about recent hybrid threat investigations and the implications of responses taken

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  • Adam Hickey
  • Jeanette Manfra
  • Scott S. Smith
  • Tonya Ugoretz