Reserve a Seat returns this year to RSA Conference! You'll continue to have the ability to enroll in your chosen sessions prior to the Conference. We strongly recommend reserving a seat as early as possible—it’s the best way to help ensure your best Conference experience.

In addition, we’ve continued the robust functionality on the Full Agenda page, including:
— Powerful filters
— Ability to tag and view favorite sessions
— View your schedule/favorites in a day planner format
Everything has been designed to help you find relevant sessions faster…easily organize your itinerary...and make sure you get to attend the sessions you want.
How To: Reserve a Seat

Reserving a seat prior to Conference helps ensure that you will be able to attend your preferred sessions. Reserving your seat in a session is easy. Most sessions listed on the Full Agenda page have a Reserve a Seat button displayed under the session title. 

Step by Step Guide:

Please note: “The Session is Full” message will indicate if a session has reached capacity. If you would still like to attend that session, you can arrive prior to that session as a standby. If someone who enrolled in that session does not show up, standbys will be allowed to attend on a first-come, first-served basis.
Reserve a Seat details:
— You must be registered for RSA Conference 2020 before you can begin reserving seats
— Reserve a Seat is only valid for one session in a given time slot
— You may only reserve a seat for one Learning Lab
— If an event is not listed on the Full Agenda page (such as Keynotes, Briefing Center sessions, etc.)—or if you do not see a Reserve a Seat button associated with an event—it is not part of the Reserve a Seat program
— Reserve a Seat closes 60 minutes prior
— The line opens 30 minutes prior
— The line closes 10 minutes prior
— Unclaimed reserved seats are released 10 minutes prior
Viewing Sessions
By default, the Full Agenda page displays every session at RSA Conference 2020. To help you refine the list of sessions, we’ve included robust filtering options. View filter definitions.
Search for sessions by pass access, topic/track, delivery format (Learning Lab, panel discussion, etc.), session classification or session type. In addition, you can choose to see sessions on a particular day.



Multiple sessions within the same time slot can be added to your favorites. However, as noted above, you can only reserve a seat for one session in a given time slot.
To view your favorites: click the “My Schedule” tab on the Agenda page.
Please note: adding a session to your favorites list DOES NOT enroll you in that session. You must use the Reserve a Seat function in order to reserve your place at a session.
My Schedule

Click on the My Schedule tab on the Agenda page. My Schedule allows you to view all your enrolled sessions and favorites in a day planner format


If you have any questions (or encounter any issues) about Reserve a Seat, Favorites or My Schedule, please email