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Topics & Tracks

Analytics & Intelligence
Analytics & Intelligence covers the application of investigative and analytic techniques and explores all topics related to threat intelligence and modeling, automating response, and broad information sharing.

Breaking Research
Breaking Research brings unique topics to the stage, bridging the latest in academic research to its application within the cybersecurity marketplace.

C-Suite View
This track examines the intersection of business and security through the lens of the CXO. Featuring a wide range of topics, sessions explore the latest trends and issues in cybersecurity that impact the executive suite short and longer term. 

Cloud Security
Cloud Security includes sessions on the security aspects of using and leveraging cloud services, Kubernetes, container technologies, and hybrid architectures. Critical staffing and skills requirements will also be explored.

Consumer & Industrial Technologies
This track explores the security implications of interconnected devices, platforms, systems, and services across consumer and industrial technologies, including IoT and mobile to Industrial Control Systems, OT, and manufacturing.

This academically focused and refereed track for mathematicians and computer scientists offers presentations of the very latest research in the science of cryptography. 

DevSecOps & Application Security
This track focuses on the intersection of application, product security, and DevOps. Expect to see sessions on threat modeling, open source code, and SBOM and LLM implications, as well as case studies on building and organizing successful teams.

Fraud Prevention
Fraud Prevention covers the latest in new policies, technologies, and methodologies leading organizations are using to enhance fraud prevention, detection, response, and recovery programs.

Governance Risk & Compliance
This track covers the selection and implementation of risk management methodologies, impacts of compliance-focused efforts, and instituting governance across the extended enterprise. This track also contains sessions on regulatory impacts, metrics and measurements, control frameworks, and automation. 

Hackers & Threats (Regular & Advanced)
Hackers & Threats sessions include discussions around advanced threats, ransomware, cyber-weapons, new classes of vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, reverse engineering, and how to combat these problems. Hackers & Threats Advanced features more advanced content, including highly technical live demos, exploit code walk throughs, code dissection, and reverse memory analysis. 

Human Element
Human Element explores managing human risk. Topics include social engineering, insider threats, mental health and burnout, culture, and best practices for awareness and training success across different population segments.

The Identity track covers the processes, technologies, and policies for managing and controlling digital identities, both human and machine, for the enterprise and its customers.

Inclusive Security
This track serves to foster the commitment to inclusion by highlighting diverse subject matter experts in the cybersecurity industry who have explored new ways to attract and retain talent, break down silos in the organization, and bring people together to build a culture of security.  

Innovation & Startups
Sessions tagged to this topic will be of particular interest to those focused on emerging technologies and approaches specific to start ups, including the ever-popular RSAC Innovation Sandbox contest.

Intersection of AI & Security
This track examines the practical applications and limitations of generative AI and machine learning in cybersecurity, with an eye on issues of data integrity, LLMs, ML DevOps, ethics, and bias. Additionally it explores implementation, integrity, defensibility, fundamentals, real-world examples, potential risks, and future evolution of capabilities. 

The Law track explores topics at the intersection of cybersecurity, data protection, and the law, including developments and trends in new laws and regulations, cases, liability, risk management, transactions, investigations, governance, and related topics. 

Network & Infrastructure Security
This track focuses on the most interesting and challenging elements of on-prem infrastructure, exploring topics such as modernizing legacy systems in today’s interconnected world, approaches to hybrid environments and migration, how to manage cloud connected assets, secure remote access, and server/service protection.

Partner Perspectives
Sponsor and Association Partners provide the content for the Partner Perspective track, delivering insights on cybersecurity issues that focus on today’s most pressing matters.

Policy & Government
This track features sessions on current and proposed government strategies, policies, legislation, and standards across the globe that could shape the direction of emerging technologies, cyberthreat intelligence sharing, industry standards, and security compliance requirements for years to come. 

Privacy & Data Protection
Privacy & Data Protection explores both the privacy and the security of personal data as well as the cascading security requirements of the extended enterprise and the classification, tracking, and protection of data.

Professional Development & Personnel Management
Professional Development & Personnel Management covers business, management and career development, staffing, changing organizational structures and models, and successful management practices.

Security Mashup
The Security Mashup track includes interesting speakers and sessions on a wide range of topics not found anywhere else during the week.

Security Operations & Incident Response
This track explores the intricacies of security operations and approaches to and best practices in incident response to help organizations plan for, identify, contain, investigate, and resolve incidents in the enterprise, manufacturing, and integrated technologies. 

Security Strategy & Architecture
Security Strategy & Architecture covers the policy, planning, and evolving areas of enterprise security architecture and the management issues and strategic considerations of implementing successful security programs.

Third Party & Vendor Risk Management
This track establishes a baseline understanding of what the supply chain is as it relates to software, infrastructure, hardware, firmware, vendors and partners. Sessions cover predictive risk, automation, information sharing, and how to manage risk in downline partners.



Birds of a Feather
Participate in focused discussions around planned topics facilitated by leading industry experts. You never know where the conversation may lead! Birds of a Feather sessions are open to Full Conference attendees only. Note: Media is not permitted in Birds of a Feather sessions.

Invite Only
Seats in these sessions have been reserved for a limited number of specified attendees.

Listen as inspiring leaders, thinkers, and innovators share perspectives and knowledge on the information security industry on the RSAC Keynote stage.

Learning Lab
Engage in highly interactive learning experiences. Learning Labs are hands-on, small group-oriented sessions designed to deepen your understanding on a topic and help you build your network of colleagues with similar interests. Labs are open to Full Conference attendees only. You may reserve a seat in only one Learning Lab. Note: Media is not permitted in Lab sessions.

Build your professional network and enjoy engaging with other attendees at these events.

On Demand
Catch up on the latest from RSA Conference 2024 with replays of track and Keynote sessions. Sponsor Briefings and RSAC Marketplace materials provide additional insight on leading vendors.

Join our association partners for a focused seminar with content designed to complement the RSA Conference agenda.

Sponsor Briefing
Learn from our sponsor partners in these sessions that deliver insights on security issues focused on today’s most pressing matters.

Track Session
Attend sessions that follow a "traditional" presenter-to-audience format with a formal presentation or panel discussion followed by Q&A. 


Session Classification

This classification is used for compelling strategic sessions and introductions to new technology.

General - Technical
Sessions include content deemed "general technical" by the presenter.

Sessions focused on principles and concepts that would appeal to attendees with more than five years of experience. Little, if any, time is spent on defining terms and concepts. Session may contain instructive demos, management tools, deep process discussions, or similar level of content.

Intermediate - Technical
Sessions include content deemed "intermediate technical" by the presenter.

Sessions focused on advanced principles and concepts, geared toward attendees with deep subject knowledge and 15 or more years of experience. Little/no time is spent on defining terms and background. May contain demonstrations, line code, advanced architecture discussions, tools that can be shared, or similar level of content.

Advanced - Technical
Sessions include content deemed "advanced technical" by the presenter.