RSA Conference 2018 is over; however, you may register for the upcoming RSA Conference 2020 USA event in San Francisco, or you can browse through the collected content below from this past one.

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Earth feels like it’s spinning faster these days. With nearly half the world’s population on the Internet, information is spreading at warp speed. Our personal lives are becoming digital whether we like it or not. And cyberthreats are looming larger than ever. Solutions for these cyberthreats can’t wait for tomorrow. We need to find them today. That’s why RSA Conference is here. It’s always been our mission to advance the field of cybersecurity. But recent events have put us at center stage. Business, politics and the entire world are hanging in the balance. And all eyes are on us. So we need to make every second count. RSA Conference 2018 is the moment to take action, and secure the world from cyberthreats. Because Now Matters.

While the media focus is often on the bad guys, RSAC 2018 demonstrated that product innovation makes this a great time to be a good guy.

- Tom Kellermann , Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Carbon Black

In 2018, RSA Conference offered attendees: 

17 keynote presentations from leading cybersecurity experts, more than 700 speakers across 550+ sessions and over 600 presenting companies on the expo floors.  
The honorable Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, opened the week by discussing her department’s cybersecurity goals and strategies for protecting against cyberattacks, breaches and cybercrime. And, as per usual, our vetted experts on The Cryptographers' Panel decrypted it all, sharing their thoughts on blockchain, election security and more. But they weren’t the only ones taking center stage. At the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest, BigID had a big-time win, taking home the title of “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2018.”   
What else was on the collective minds of RSAC 2018 attendees? Tactics for filling the looming cybersecurity labor shortage, the critical need for diverse representation in the industry and the very real impacts of AI.

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State of Hacking: 2017 Sets Record for Cyber-Attacks | Highlights from RSAC 2018
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