When we remove the boundaries of what can and can’t be done, we open ourselves to new opportunities. There’s a Zen approach to learning put forth by Shunryu Suzuki that one should pursue even the most advanced study with the mindset of a beginner. “In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind, there are few.” When we embrace more possibilities, inspiration follows. At RSA Conference, ideas are given the opportunity to cascade and grow—like the ripple effect of tossing a single stone into the water. It’s where the best minds in the industry, from a multitude of backgrounds, come together. It’s where the stone is tossed and the emerging “what ifs” spark new ways of thinking and generate new courses to pursue. It’s where the power of opportunity takes on the challenges of the digital age.

RSAC 2017 provided a valuable platform for the infosec community to come together and share ideas on how to pragmatically reduce risk for our organizations.

- Dwayne Melancon , Vice President of Products, Tripwire

In 2017, RSA Conference offered attendees:

15 keynote presentations. Over 700 speakers across 500+ sessions. 550+ companies on the expo floors. And our favorite stat of all? A record 43,000 attendees. So yes, 2017 was a year to remember.  
As with every year, RSAC 2017 USA was graced by countless industry greats. And while we don’t like to make a habit of name dropping, with names like “Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson” and “Seth Myers,” we can justify making an exception. Tyson was one of many great keynote speakers who not only took, but stole, the stage. Others include Dame Stella Remington, the first female director of M15 and father of cryptography, Whitfield Diffie. And to the end the show, professional funny-man, Seth Myers prompted wide-spread knee slapping with his comedic performance. On top of the experts, RSAC 2017 USA brought up some big trends, too. Across Conference, discussions of critical infrastructure, increasing insecurity and architectural threats had attendees buzzing.