Ziv Gadot

SOC/ERT Manager, Radware

Ziv Gadot manages Radware's Security Research Lab, a unit performing analysis and research on DDoS related subjects and Emergency Response Team (ERT), a 24x7 service to assist organizations under DDoS attacks on a daily basis. Gadot has been at Radware for 9 years; he is actively involved in security research and in product strategy. He coauthored the “Global Application and Network Security Report” and contributes to Radware’s security blog with articles such as “Fight Flame at the Enterprise Level” and “DoS Attack Forensic: Following Sherlock Holmes’ Footsteps”. 
To see him in action, view “Fight Cyber Attacks with Radware's Emergency Response Team (ERT)”. 
Prior to joining Radware, he worked at Check Point and Intel. He has a B.A. in Computer Science and an M.A. in Philosophy.

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