Sean Mason

VP of Incident Response, Syntricate

Sean Mason is the Vice President of Incident Response for Resolution1 Security. After serving his commitment to the US Air Force, Sean has spent his career with Fortune 500 companies (GE, Monsanto, Harris & CSC) where he has worked in a variety of IT & industry verticals, including software development, auditing, information security, Defense, Aviation, Finance, Energy, Biotechnology, and Healthcare. Sean served as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) representative for Harris from 2009-2011 and also notable is that Sean was the Director of Incident Response for GE, which is considered one of the most sophisticated teams in the world. Sean also serves as a Subject Matter Expert for ISC2, helping to design credentials’ common body of knowledge and exam questions as well as sitting on the ISC2 Application Security Advisory Council (ASAC).

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