Richard Boscovich

Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft

As Senior Attorney on Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, Richard Boscovich leads a team that focuses on malicious code and spyware enforcement cases. His work in the field includes legal strategies used in the take downs of the Waledac, Rustock and Kelihos botnets. Boscovich began his career as a corporate tax attorney in New York, NY, and then served for 17 years at the U.S. Department of Justice as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Florida’s Southern District. He directed the District’s Computer Hacking & Intellectual Property unit, where he prosecuted high-profile computer intrusion cases, including the first federal juvenile prosecution of a 17- year-old hacker. With Microsoft since 2008, he holds both a B.A. degree in Political Science/History and a law degree from the University Of Miami.

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