Richard Seiersen

SVP and Chief Information Security Officer, Lending Club

Richard Seiersen is a Security Executive, Author and Advisor with 20 years’ experience ranging from startups to global organizations. He is the SVP and CISO for Lending Club. Prior to that he was the VP of Trust/CISO for Twilio and VP/GM Cybersecurity and Privacy for GE Healthcare. He recently co-authored a decision analysis book called How To Measure Anything In Cybersecurity Risk (Wiley 2016). As of 2018, The Green Book is required reading for the Society of Actuaries exam prep and is finding its way into numerous university cybersecurity programs. Wiley will publish a second book next year. Seiersen is a regular Speaker at industry and corporate events and also provides corporate training to both executives and practitioners on applying quantitative methods to cybersecurity risk.

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