Nati Davidi

VP Product Management, Palo Alto Networks

Nati Davidi was a founder of Cyvera, an advanced endpoint protection start-up acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2014. He drove the company from creation to deployment of a proven advanced endpoint protection product. He now runs the product team in Palo Alto Networks’ R&D branch; working with 90 top notch endpoint security researchers and developers. He also founded Altal Security, a company that provided cyber-defense services in Europe and Asia. He conducted complex cyber-defense projects, with a focus on security of critical infrastructure and telecom service providers. He has led many computer-crime and fraud investigations for Fortune 500 companies. He holds LL.B, and LL.M (Law and Technology) from Haifa University (HCLT). He served as a Captain in the Israeli Intelligence Forces.

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