Manoj Apte

Vice President, Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

Manoj Apte, VP Product Management at Zscaler, has 10+ yrs of experience creating architectures for high performance networking and security. Prior to Zscaler, Apte was Sr. Product Manager for High End Security Systems at Juniper Networks on the IPS product line. He was responsible for Juniper's standalone and integrated firewall IPS product lines. Prior to Juniper, he was the lead developer for platform software at Pacific Broadband Communications. He is on the advisory board for the I3P survival and recovery program and a member of the ISA SP99 committee on Industrial Automation and Control System Security. He has 6 patents pending; holds a Ph.D. in real-time embedded systems from Mississippi State Univ. and a B.S. in Aerospace Technology from IIT Bombay.

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