Kara Turner

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Threat Analyst, iSIGHT Partners

Kara Turner is a Cybersecurity Threat Analyst for iSIGHT Partners, specializing in Critical Infrastructure. Turner has worked for government, small business, and large businesses in networking, security and now ICS security. She was pleased to join the brilliant team at Critical Intelligence to protect critical infrastructure. Critical Intelligence has since joined iSIGHT Partners and Turner continues in the same capacity. Turner has been helping with the ICS Village at Defcon for the past two years and continues to expand her knowledge and passion for the field. Always enthusiastic to teach in engaging ways, she presented at DefCon’s ICS Village the smash hit “ICS Sec for n00bz: An Intro to ICS Hacking by Attacking the Death Star,” an introductory look at common weaknesses in ICS systems.

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