Jack Danahy

Director for Advanced Security & IBM Security Systems, IBM Corporation

Jack Danahy is the Director for Advanced Security within IBM’s Security Systems Division, and is an international speaker and writer on topics of software, system, and data security. Danahy is the original founder and CEO of two successful security software companies: Ounce Labs, sold to IBM in July of 2009, and Qiave Technologies, sold to Watchguard Technologies in 2000. He holds five patents in a variety of security technologies including secure distributed computing, software analysis, and secure systems management. He is a distinguished fellow in the highly respected Ponemon Institute and has contributed to the development of legislation on computer security in both the U.S. House and Senate. He is concerned and active within the public and private sectors on issues of cyber security, secure systems development and acquisition, and the strategic balance between business needs and security controls.

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