Grant Bourzikas

CISO and VP of McAfee Labs Operations, McAfee

Grant Bourzikas is McAfee’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Vice President of McAfee Labs Operations. As the CISO and McAfee’s Customer Zero, he is responsible for protecting the McAfee organization by implementing and operationalizing McAfee products. As VP of McAfee Labs Operations, Bourzikas is responsible for threat intelligence data telemetry, content generation, content delivery, and analytics for McAfee customers. Prior to this role, Bourzikas spent 19 years in cybersecurity strategy and operations. He was the senior security leader at a Fortune 500 gaming company, a Fortune 500 critical infrastructure utility company, and a top financial services bank and brokerage organization. Bourzikas was named 40 under 40 Most Innovative Information Technology Professionals.

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