Gabriel Kang

Managing Director, CoSoSys Korea

Gabriel Kang, Managing Director of CoSoSys Korea Co., Ltd., is a data and network security expert who has been working in the IT industry since 1988. He worked for Symantec Corp. for 12 years as a senior localization manager and a member of Asia localization team lead for longer than a decade. In 1988, he joined an IBM PC clone company and created a ROM BIOS for XT/AT clone PCs. He wrote two books: "Korean and Chinese BIOS and Mouse Programming” for x86 assembler programmers and "Norton Utilities Beginner's Guide".

Currently, Gabriel is responsible for the expansion of CoSoSys business in Asia. In 2014, he had a significant contribution to obtain the CC EAL2 certificate for Endpoint Protector 4 based on the host DLP protection profile of South Korea Gov. from ITSCC.

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