David Schwartzberg

Sr. Security Engineer, MobileIron

David Schwartzberg is a Sr. Security Engineer at MobileIron. Utilizing his six years accounting experience and combined 17 years infotech and infosec experience, he speaks regularly with technology executives and professionals to help protect their corporate secrets and stay compliant. In his spare time he co-founded Hak4Kidz,, and has blogged for Dark Reading, Naked Security and Barracuda Labs. He has spoken at conferences such as Black Hat Arsenal, BSides, Converge, DerbyCON, GrrCON, OWASP AppSec, THOTCON, Wall of Sheep Village, (ISC)2 Congress and several others. Schwartzberg has earned several certifications in the field of Information Technology and Information Security. If you need to know the list of certifications, that’s what Linkedin is for.

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