Dr. Christian Dameff

Emergency Physician and Clinical Informatics Fellow, University of California San Diego

Christian Dameff is an Emergency Medicine Physician and Researcher. He is currently a Clinical Informatics Fellow at the University of California San Diego. Published clinical works include post-cardiac arrest care, novel drug targets for heart attacks, VF waveform analysis, CPR quality/optimization, dispatch-assisted CPR and tele-medicine.

Dameff is also an Ethical Hacker and Security Researcher interested in the intersection of healthcare, patient safety and cybersecurity. He has previously spoken at Defcon, BSides: Las Vegas and Derbycon, and is one of the Co-Founders of the CyberMed Summit, a novel medical device and infrastructure cybersecurity conference. Published cybersecurity topics include hacking 911 systems, HL7 messaging vulnerabilities and malware.

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