Chris Vickery


Chris Vickery, MacKeeper's Lead Security Researcher, has been cited by Forbes, BBC News, The New York Times, WIRED, NBC News, and many other publications. He has assisted Microsoft, Visa, Citrix, Real Networks, Major League Baseball, Verizon, and dozens of other companies in plugging serious data exposure vulnerabilities. Although he is most famous for discovering an exposed database containing the registration records of every registered voter in America (over 191 million). Mr. Vickery's experience includes cooperating in investigations conducted by the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, Texas Attorney General's Office, the State of Kansas, and the Mexican Government as well as speaking at Harvard University's Center for Government and International Studies. By his own personal account, Chris estimates that, in total, he has helped to remediate breaches exposing the sensitive account details of over 40 million people (not including the US and Mexico voter databases). In January 2016 MacKeeper and Chris Vickery announced a partnership to establish the best security and privacy practices. MacKeeper Security Research Center is led by Vickery and carries out regular security audits of the software and establish security best practices to ensure the safety of users.

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