Chi Hickey

Director of ICAM Technology and Procurement, General Services Administration

Chi Hickey joined the Office of Government-wide Policy in April 2012 as part of the Identity Assurance and Trusted Access Division at GSA. She is the program manager for the FIPS 201 Evaluation Program, Federal PKI Policy Authority, and the Trust Framework Solutions Testing Program. She is responsible for testing and approving products related to FICAM/HSPD-12 for federal acquisition, as well as maintaining the policy for the Federal PKI. Prior to joining the GSA, Hickey spent 2 years at Booz Allen Hamilton working ICAM projects, as well as supporting DHS S&T with ICAM while she was at JHUAPL. She also has experience with the DoD COCOM/Services/Agencies while she was working in the DoD PKI PMO at DISA.

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