Bill Coleman

Executive Advisor, Resilient Network Systems, and Partner, Alsop Louie Partners

Bill Coleman is a partner with Alsop Louie Partners, an early stage Silicon Valley VC. Coleman was also Chairman and CEO of Resilient Network Systems from 2012-13. Previously he was Founder, Chairman & CEO of Cassatt, and of BEA Systems, which under his leadership became the fastest software company to reach $1B in annual revenue. Prior to that, he was VP System Software at Sun where he also founded Sun Federal and Sun Professional Services, he co-founded Dest Systems, led product development at VisiCorp and started his career in the USAF. He has a B.S. in CS from the USAF Academy and M.S. degrees in CS & CE from Stanford. He is on the boards of Resilient Networks, Seagate and iControl.

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