Ali Golshan

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer, StackRox

Ali Golshan is the Co-founder & CTO of StackRox, a company building the Next Generation of trusted computing for Data Centers and Cloud Computing environments. Prior to StackRox, Golshan founded Cyphort in 2010 and lead the company’s research and technical direction. He was the original architect behind the core Cyphort technologies. He has more than 15 years of forensics, security analytics, and security architecture. He has advised numerous Fortune 100 companies, such as Microsoft, PwC, Google. Before that, he worked with the Intelligence Community resolving matters related to cyber-espionage, targeted attacks, and designing resilient infrastructure. He started at the age of 17 as an ethical hacker. He is a regular speaker at industry events, including MIT/Stanford Venture Lab and various security conferences.

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