Abhishek Singh

Senior Staff Research Scientist Engineer, FireEye

Abhishek is currently employed at FireEye as a Senior Staff Research Scientist Engineer. He has authored over 50+ research papers, books and patents in the area of Vulnerability Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Malware Analysis, and Intrusion Prevention System. Some of the papers and patents are fundamental to Intrusion Prevention System, Vulnerability Research, and Binary Analysis and has made an impact by preventing unknown malware and undisclosed vulnerabilities

Before joining FireEye, he was employed with Microsoft’s Malware protection Center where some his key accomplishments include.
• Led the development of 50+ protocol decoder for Threat Management Gateway and Host based IPS.
• Analysis of 0 day vulnerabilities reported in Microsoft’s Product.
• Developed patented algorithms for faster analysis of binaries.
• World wide patent pending architectural changes in IPS capable of preventing many zero day vulnerabilities before they were reported.

He was also the initial technical member of Third Brigade Security center, currently part of Trend Micro.

Abhishek holds Master of Science in Information Security and a Master of Science in Computer Science, both from the college of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology and a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of technology, BHU, India.

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