Our mission at RSA Conference is to provide programs that help ensure cybersecurity practitioners around the world get the intel and knowledge they need to spur professional growth and protect their organizations from cyberthreats.

Why We Created This Program

Mom and daughterThe digital world has a lot to offer our kids. Games, learning opportunities—the list goes on. But unfortunately, beneath the surface of this world lies areas of darkness. Cyberbullying, predators, identity theft. These are just a few of the online threats children can stumble upon. And the consequences of these threats can leave lasting and potentially harmful scars.

How can we reduce risks and create a safer digital world? The truth is, threats will always be out there. But together, we can nurture our children’s digital competency and teach them how to safely navigate the digital space.

Below, you’ll find educational resources and volunteer opportunities you can use to join the cybersmart movement and help spread the word.

Like any other healthy lifestyle habit, teaching your children how to navigate the digital space early on means they’ll be better prepared to make good decisions independently and successfully in the long term.


Watch Videos
Each year at RSA Conference USA, we host a seminar for parents, guardians and educators where they can learn tips to protect kids from online dangers.