RSAC CISO Boot Camp London

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RSA Conference CISO Boot Camp

Date and Location

28 November 2023
The Bloomsbury

About the Program
RSAC CISO Boot Camp is an invitation-only gathering of newly appointed and future CISOs from a broad set of organizations around the globe. This closed-door, Chatham House Rule program delivers a unique and curated experience designed to prepare CISOs new to the role, or aspiring CISOs for the next step in their careers.

Launched in 2019, CISO Boot Camp is delivered by experienced CISOs and industry experts. Attendees can expect quality presentations, inspiring conversations, and immersive hands-on learning with live simulations to help instill the skills needed to be successful–not to mention, plenty of networking with new peers on the same career trajectory, and experts with possible mentoring opportunities.

RSAC CISO Boot Camp is an invitation-only program designed for new and aspiring CISOs who are currently in the position or on track to become a CISO at organizations of at least 100 employees (organizations smaller than 100 may be considered). Individuals working for a vendor/supplier are not permitted unless the individual is in a cybersecurity position and an existing CISO or on track to become one. There is a limit of two individuals per organization. No sales, marketing or media are permitted. 

Time Topic Speaker
08.30  09.00 Badge pickup open and coffee, tea and snacks available  
09.00 – 09.10 Welcome Greg Day, Program Chair
09.10 – 09.35 Congrats on Becoming CISO. Now What? Jason Steer, CISO, Recorded Future
09.35 – 10.00 The First 100 Days as the First CISO  Heather Lowrie, CISO, University of Manchester 
10.00 – 10.10 Q&A with Jason and Heather  Jason Steer and Heather Lowrie
10.10 – 10.50 Define Your Strategy  Ali Dyer, CISO, ASOS
10.50 – 11.10 Break   
11.10 – 11.50  Operational Resilience NCSC Representative
11.50 – 12.40 Burnout and Mental Health: Protecting and Restoring Ourselves and Our Teams

Holly Foxcroft, Head of Neurodiversity in Cyber Research and Consulting, Stott and May Consulting 

Jasmine Eskenzi, CEO & Co Founder, The Zensory

12.40  13.45 Lunch & Networking  
13.45 – 14.25  Engaging with the Bored: Enterprise Risk Management Tactics for Executive Leadership  Amar Singh, CEO & Co-Founder, Cyber Management Alliance & Wisdom of Crowds
14.25 – 15.05  So You Want to be a CISO: Why? Dan Evans, Head of Cyber Security, Vodafone UK
15.05 – 15.20  Break   
15.20  17.00 It's Late on a Friday Night When...: Capstone Experience Patrick McGloin, Co-Founder, Tyburn St Raphael Limited 
17.00  18.30 Cocktail Reception  

*Agenda subject to change.

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