Professional Development

You know “Must See TV”? Well, this is a must-hear podcast. This episode is focused on professional development, and we’ll be talking with two guest speakers who have very different backgrounds but share a strong commitment to growing the infosec profession.

Some of the topics that we’ll cover include:

  • How we can help develop future cybersecurity aspirants to fill in the current worker-shortage gaps, knowing that purple unicorns remain elusive
  • How cybersecurity as a profession has changed over the past 10 years, and what to expect moving forward
  • How contributing to the community and giving back helps shape and enhance your professional development



Jennifer Minella VP of Engineering and Security, Carolina Advanced Digital


Britta Glade Director, Content and Curation, RSA Conference


Shannon Lietz Director, DevSecOps, Intuit


Hugh Thompson RSA Conference Program Chair, RSA Conference

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