Can you trust the files and content entering your organization? Votiro Cloud's Zero Trust open API proactively disarms files of known, unknown, & zero-day malware threats at scale without adding friction, interrupting user or application workflows, or impacting file fidelity. Votiro reduces work, alerts, & risk for IT and security teams while enabling the seamless flow of safe files. Votiro is tool-agnostic, and provides virtually limitless auto-scale capabilities to handle any file throughput and the greatest span of file formats, preventing malicious files uploaded to web apps, portals, data management platforms, and cloud services.

Why Votiro?

•Votiro prevents evasive malware & ransomware hidden in incoming content and data. Our flexible API enables companies to deliver business-ready files – from anywhere and anyone – to their end destination, whether a person or a machine, without hidden threats. •Votiro keeps the integrity & functionality of the original content. Our Zero Trust approach to content treats each piece as if it's malicious - proactively disarming malicious files of known and unknown threats at lightning speed and massive scale without slowing data flow or interrupting business workflows or app-to-app processes. •Votiro does all of this in milliseconds, even for zipped or password-protected content. Millions of users are using Votiro to proactively sanitize billions of files yearly, including some of the largest global insurance, multi-national banking, and governments in the world.

Demo with a Password-Protected Email
Votiro Explainer Video