RangeForce is a cloud-based platform to improve human cyber readiness: Cyber Skills Modules: Expert-designed content mapped to industry frameworks, including MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND Team Threat Exercises: Team members work together to detect, contain, and remediate a real-life attack scenario in a safe, emulated environment. Scenarios range from simple ransomware attacks to complex, multi-stage APT attacks. Threat-centric Reporting: Post-exercise reports highlight actionable insights leaders can use to build a continuous cyber readiness program. Leaders can also measure team progress against specific skill areas and benchmark against peers. Defense Readiness Index: Provides an outlook on threat actors most relevant to the organization, allowing them to measure team progress around specific threats and focusing time on the most important areas. Talent: Hands-on assessments to equip hiring managers with skill-based insights to source and validate candidates.

Why RangeForce?

For enterprise security teams who need to defend against cyber threats, RangeForce provides the only cyber risk reduction solution built for organizations, teams, and individuals, that reduces organizational risk and human capital spend. The cloud-based platform provides a powerful set of tools for cyber risk reduction, including: Cyber Skills Modules Team Threat Exercises Threat-centric Reporting Talent Assessments RangeForce is the only platform offering truly holistic upskilling via team defensive readiness exercises plus on-demand modules. RangeForce is designed to teach, providing enough support to ensure consistent and continuous improvement. Rather than simply assessing knowledge, we guide learners through a concept and ensure their comprehension.


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