Qi Anxin Group

Qi Anxin Group

QI-ANXIN Technology Group Inc. was founded in 2014 owning over 8000 employees and specializes in offering next generation enterprise-class cybersecurity products and services to government and businesses. With its continuous commitment to R&D innovation and security capabilities centered on actual offensive and defensive, the company has grown to be a leading cybersecurity provider in China. The company has also established global business presence, such as in Indonesia, Singapore, Canada etc. Moreover, QI-ANXIN was elected the Official Cyber Security Services and Anti-Virus Software Sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. QI-ANXIN is oriented to the construction of new infrastructure and digital business, uses the methodology of system engineering, and is combined with the idea of "Build-In Security Framework".

Why Qi Anxin Group?

Through attack and defense penetration and data analysis, SkyEye uses threat intelligence, rule engine, file virtual execution, machine learning and other technologies based on network traffic and terminal EDR logs to accurately discover known advanced network attacks and unknown new types of hosts and servers in the network. The intrusion behavior of network attacks analyzes, judges and traces the incident, and blocks the threat in time. Features: 1. Leading APT Detection and Tracking Capabilities 2. Leading Threat Intelligence Capabilities in China 3. Powerful Coordinated Response 4. Computing and Retrieving Massive Data 5. Rich Business Cases Values: 1. Accurate Detection of Advanced Threats 2. Rapid Response to Major Security Incidents 3. Retrospect and Analysis of Cyber Attacks

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