Optery offers state-of-the-art data removal software that empowers users – from individuals to large enterprises – to take control of their personal information online. Optery opts you out of the top data brokers posting and selling your private info on the web. Why Optery? Leveraging patented technology, Optery surpasses other services in uncovering user profiles and delivers the industry’s highest quality results in PII removal from hundreds of data broker sites. Our service includes monthly automated scans and visual, evidence-based reporting for continuous data removal, providing clear before-and-after results. Optery equips users with a robust defense against PII-based threats like phishing, social engineering, identity theft, and doxing. Optery was awarded 'Editors' Choice' by PCMag.com as the most outstanding product in the personal data removal category for 2022, 2023, 2024 and received Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech award for security and privacy in 2023.

Why Optery?

Optery for Business offers an enterprise-grade solution tailored to dramatically reduce the online exposure of employee personal data, enhancing corporate security and employee privacy. Optery delivers seamless, secure user authentication and identity management with SSO/SCIM/SAML integration, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, and a user-friendly administrative dashboard. Optery for Individuals & Families makes it easy for users to find and remove personal info online. Upon signing up for free, individuals receive a personalized Exposure Report and can access self-service opt-out tools without needing a credit card. With a paid plan, Optery takes charge of removing the data. Optery’s API allows service providers to integrate personal data removal into their offerings. Our integration capabilities allow partners to quickly scan hundreds of data brokers, produce dozens of screenshots of data broker listings for their customers to review, and send automated opt-out requests for removal.