Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct delivers on the promise of threat prevention, taking a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware using the world’s first and only purpose-built, deep learning cybersecurity framework.

Why Deep Instinct?

Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform addresses cybersecurity through its deep learning framework, setting it apart from conventional security solutions. It predicts and prevents both known and unknown threats before they infiltrate an organization's environment. This technology stands out by preventing over 99% of unknown zero-day and ransomware attacks with unprecedented speed, executing threat prevention in less than 20ms. This capability significantly reduces risk, alleviates the workload on SOC teams, and ensures only high-fidelity alerts are generated. Deep Instinct's platform offers substantial benefits over similar products by leveraging deep learning to achieve an industry-leading false-positive rate of less than 0.1%, rendering verdicts without reliance on the cloud. This approach enhances privacy, as files never leave your control, while minimizing costs. The ability to integrate seamlessly provides a proactive defense mechanism, securing assets before threats can execute.