Fraud Prevention

Organizations are deploying new policies, technologies, and methodologies to enhance fraud prevention, detection, response and recovery programs. But, how can marrying best security practices with fraud prevention strategies improve your overall security posture and help with fraud prevention? Join us for this half day virtual seminar in which we’ll hear from a variety of fraud and security professionals who will discuss the top issues impacting fraud and security decisions.

The first and last sessions are followed by a 20-25 minute Q&A.

March 9, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET in Virtual Seminars
Session 1: Panel: Let's Talk Strategy: Breaking Down Siloes Between Fraud and Cyber

How much do cyber and fraud teams collaborate? In many cases, cyber teams usually have broad influence over customer security practices, but don't always involve fraud professionals. Fraud prevention decisions are often made by the product and fraud prevention teams yet rarely involves input from cyber teams. So how do we break down these siloes? Join this panel of experts who will highlight the common ground issues that can bring fraud cyber teams together. Topics covered will include behavioral biometrics, tech scams, customer susceptibility, protection of PII, and best practices for increasing collaboration.

Moderator: Brent Whittington

Panelists: Andy Collins, Willard Hart, Kara Suro

Session 2: West African Organized Crime

Fraud, money laundering, human trafficking, opioids, crypto scams and more. Learn how social media intelligence can unveil the massive network of organized crime targeting American citizens and American businesses, costing billions in losses each year.

Presenter: Gary Warner

Session 3: Fraud’s Shift from ATOs to Scams

Online fraud targeting financial account holders has shifted from account take-over to scams. Fraudsters are taking control of online accounts and moving funds out themselves and convincing account holders to send funds to accounts they control. Banks and financial services providers are rapidly adapting their controls to mitigate this long term and pervasive trend. In this session, participants will get an overview of best practices to mitigate and control customer losses due to scams, with a focus on detection, treatment, and case management of payments that are at risk of being a scam.

Presenter: Leonard Gusel

Session 4: What Goes Wrong When You Don’t Get Identity Right

Public and private sector businesses demonstrated the challenges of digital identity-proofing during the distribution of much-needed funds to citizens across the globe during the pandemic. Industry risk experts are calling the related fraud that has been occurring the "big money grab" and consider this one of the largest organized assaults in history to date. Financial institutions continue to see unprecedented attack rates with many bad actors honing their fraud skills during the pandemic. This session will share insights in the battle that the financial services industry faces. Attendees will gain insight into the fraud dynamics of the big money grab, the effect on US consumers and markets, financial services impact headlines stories, and how the telecommunications industry plays a critical role in the fraud prevention ecosystem.

Presenter: Mary Ann Miller

Panel Speakers

Fraud Prevention Industry Insights/Industry Relations Executive, Wells Fargo

Director of Fraud Operations, Robinhood

Managing Director and Head of Fraud Risk Management, Schwab

Cyberfraud Executive Advisor,

Session Speakers

Head of Digital Customer Authentication, JPMorgan Chase

Fraud and Cybercrime Executive Advisor, Prove

Director of Threat Intelligence, Dark Tower/University of Alabama Computer Forensics Research Lab