RSAC 365 Virtual Seminar: Infrastructure Security

How are emerging threats impacting infrastructure security? This seminar hosts a variety of experts and practitioners who share strategies and best practices to help mitigate risks and fortify the resilience of essential systems. Topics include managing complexities, leveraging Infrastructure-as-Code, assessing third party risk, challenges with regulations, team building, and more. Participants will gain insights into enhancing digital forensics, configuring for zero trust, and managing infrastructure risk.

June 6, 2024 | 11:00 AM ET in Virtual Seminars

PART 1: Leadership Panel: The Journey of a CISO

Traditional network infrastructure has grown more complex as so much of what is IT "native" now bleeds into cybersecurity. What is the impact of digital transformation on legacy systems? Join this panel to hear from IT decision makers who have been at the front of answering that question. We will explore the benefits and challenges of working in collaboration with cloud and security teams and share approaches to overcoming challenges with limited resources, getting tools to work in harmony, visibility into the network, who reports to whom, and more.

Moderator: Devon Rollins, Vice President and Divisional Information Security Officer for Enterprise Data Machine Learning, Capital One

Panelists: Rob De Gracia, CTO, Bregal Investments, Thomas Marsland, Board Chairman/CEO, VetSec, and Patrick Miller, CEO, Ampere Industrial Security

PART 2: Choose your track, Interactive Discussion or Traditional Session

These sessions are coinciding and attendees are free to move within sessions as they wish.

The Interactive Discussion will follow Chatham House Rule to allow for free exchange of information and learning. We look forward to participants actively engaging in the discussion and remind attendees that no comment attribution or recording of any sort should take place. Media are not permitted to attend.

  Interactive Discussion Traditional Session
Session 1 

Defending the Core: Can Regulation Protect Critical Infrastructure?

Together, attendees will share their perspectives into the evolving landscape of threats targeting critical infrastructure, the efficacy and challenges of current regulatory and standards frameworks, and the gaps that need to be addressed to fortify defenses against sophisticated cyber adversaries.

Patrick Miller, CEO, Ampere Industrial Security

Enhancing Security Investigations Using Digital Forensics from the Bottom Up

This discussion looks at the reality of enterprise growth, infrastructure security needs, and how to close the gap with digital forensics using a four-step methodology and help organizations assess their current security posture and evolve into a more mature organization that has security and proper response baked in from the start.

Dominique Calder, PhD Candidate, George Mason University

Session 2 

How to Leverage Infrastructure-as-Code to Secure Cloud Resources

With the migration from on-prem to cloud, the landscape for security has widened to include a plethora of resource-as-service offerings which changes the way we secure resources.

Addie Leung, Senior Security Architect, DocuSign

Assessing Vendors and Partners and Influencing Secure Practices

A solution is only as secure as the sum of its parts. Modern architectures involve integration of software and technology provided by or controlled by external entities. Beyond auditing internal infrastructure, applications and security practices, it’s vital to assess vendors, partners, etc. Assessment results will provide confidence or an opportunity to influence preferred security improvements.

Taharka Beamon, Security Operations Manager, Reed Exhibitions

Session 3 

Managing Infrastructure Risk through Automatic Vulnerability Triage and Risk Prioritization

In this discussion, we’ll discuss our collaboration between our data science, machine learning, and security teams to develop a machine learning model that classifies and prioritizes cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Robin Franklin, Security Engineer, Meta 

The Hidden Risks of SASE/SSE: Why Configuration Matters for Zero Trust Security

In this talk, we explore the hidden risks of SASE/SSE, such as not leveraging the power of SASE, configuration complexity, and compliance issues, and how they can undermine the zero-trust security model. We also propose some best practices and recommendations for configuring and managing SASE/SSE solutions to achieve optimal security and performance.

Srinivasa Addepalli, CTO, Aryaka

Session 4 


Speakers: Dominique Calder, Taharka Beamon, Srinivasa Addepalli



This virtual seminar is sponsored by Wiz. Wiz is a cloud security company, founded in 2020. Organizations of all sizes and industries use Wiz to rapidly identify and remove the most critical risks in AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Alibaba Cloud and Kubernetes so they can build faster and more securely. Gain unmatched visibility, accurate prioritization and business agility.


Panel Speakers

Chief Technology Officer, Bregal Investments

Board Chairman/CEO, VetSec

CEO, Ampere Industrial Security

Vice President and Divisional Information Security Officer for Enterprise Data Machine Learning, Capital One

Interactive Discussion Speakers

Security Engineer, Meta

Senior Security Architect, DocuSign

CEO, Ampere Industrial Security

Traditional Session Speakers

Global Security Operations Center (SOC) Manager, Reed Exhibitions

PhD Candidate, Cofounder, GMU, Novus Security

Technology Infrastructure & Operations

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